Hotel Riltsi


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3 500 000 €
Property Type:
49 409 m2
In Regulation:
Price m2
70.84 €
Act 16
Act 14
Act 15

Property Features

  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Parking

Property Description

SPA complex Rilci

The complex is located next to the main road E79 Sofia-Kulata, 3km from Blagoevgrad, near the village of Rilci. The connection to the main road is realized through its own road link with the diversion of the main road to the village of Riltsi. The motel is a five-storey monolithic building with a developed shape and height, built-up area of 2 177 square meters, unfolded built-up area of 8 370 square meters divided into three blocks:

Block A
Consists of an overground and two underground floors: 200 indoor seats with an area of 420 sq.m. and 100 seats on a covered terrace of 120 sq.m. Multipurpose hall with 140 seats, spread over an area of 340 sq.m. Reception lounge for both rooms with wardrobe and toilets on an area of 150 square meters. Auxiliary premises at levels under the halls / warehouses, refrigeration areas, dressing rooms, etc. / with an area of 1600sq.m.

Block B
It consists of five above-ground and one underground floor: Hotel part, four floors with 52 hotel rooms each with an area of 24 square meters. The rooms have a covered terrace of 4 sq.m. Ground floor with a hotel lobby and a reception area of 240 sq.m., a lobby bar with a size of 108sq.m., A shop with an area of 52sq.m. Basement with an area of 708 sq.m. with machinery spaces and large storage rooms suitable for bowling and other purposes.

Block C 
It consists of four above-ground and one underground floor: Hotel part, four floors with 39 hotel rooms each with an area of 24 sq.m. 34 of them have covered terraces of 4 sq. M. Basement, 3 hotel rooms of 24 sq. M., Machinery spaces and warehouses of 240 sq. M.

All hotel rooms in Block B and Block C are for two beds.
Total number of rooms - 94.
Total number of beds - 188.

Building with own transformer station
Built area 169sq.m. Power, three transformers per 1 000 kW.

Car service building
Consists of a large hall for buses with a repair channel, a small hall for cars with a repair channel, a stock of materials and a bathroom with a bathroom, a built-up area of 210 sq.m

Open parking 1
Asphalt pavement for 35 cars and monolithic visor covering the external staircase of the motel, total area 2000sq.m.

Outdoor parking 2
Asphalt pavement for 95 cars and 4 buses, total area 3000sq.m.

Oil Underground Facility
Has a collection capacity of 50 t. Naphtha, built-up area 42sq.m.

Adjacent terrain of the complex with an area of 49 409 square meters.

Natural resources on the territory of the complex
Cold potable underground water with good qualities. By pumping station it is used for irrigation purposes, but if necessary it can supply with drinking water separate objects in the complex. Hydrothermal waters from the underground hydrothermal basin of the town of Blagoevgrad and the river Struma. Hydrogeological assessment was made by a licensed company and the exact locations of future drillings for hydrothermal water capture in the territory of the complex were determined. Panorama, the exposition of the complex is southeast and opens a beautiful panorama that includes fields and mountains, the warm southern climate is a prerequisite for the construction of a holiday village.

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